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Materials Science is a blend of a multitude of disciplines ranging from basic science to applied engineering, from physics and chemistry through metallury and ceramics, in which researchers combine their expertise with state-of-the-art instrumentation to push forward the frontiers of materials technology. Regardless of the substance being investigated, or the property being studied there is a universal procedure common to this field, -namely the characterization of the subject material. The team members of this project (ANL, LBNL, NIST, ORNL, and the Univ. of Illinois) collectively house virtually every characterization technique which employs electrons, ions, photons, x-rays, neutrons, mechanical and/or electromagnetic radiation to elucidate the microstructure matter.

In the Materials Microcharacterization Collaboratory, originally established under the DoE2000 Program, we have joined these Centers of Excellence into a single on-line interactive virtual laboratory. In it, we will give creative scientists, educators, and even students access to a new environment. One in which convenient, rapid and dynamic interactions will be allowed to flow unencumbered by the limits of time, space and location. In this manner, we will not only foster but enhance their ability to conceive and execute new science in the area of materials research.

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The Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory is one of two pilot projects announced on March 5th, 1997 by the Department of Energy.

Collaboratory Members
Principal Investigator(s)
Argonne National Laboratory
ANL/AAEM TelePresence Microscopy (TPM) Collaboratory

Nestor J. Zaluzec
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
National Center for Electron Microscopy

Michael A. O'Keefe
National Inst. of Standards. and Technology
Nano-Scale Metrology Program

Michael T. Postek
Andras Vladar
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Shared Research Equipment (SHaRE) & Users Facility Program
HTML Materials Analysis Program
HFIR Neutron Residual Stress Facility

Ed Kenik
Edgar Voelkl
Michael C. Wright
University of Illinois
Center for Microanalysis of Materials

Jim Mabon
General Contacts:
M2C Steering Committee
Microscopy Research Program
Nestor J. Zaluzec - Argonne Nat.Lab.
R&D Technology Program
Michael C. Wright - ORNL

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