Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory

Current Collaboration Activities

Telepresence operation of electron microscopes is a developing technology at the centers involved in this proposal and has been conducted on the ANL AAEM System , the LBNL HVEM and the ORNL HF-2000 TEM . Each of these centers has focused on a particular aspect of telepresence microscopy. ANL has concentrated on platform independent access and control, implemented via an intelligent electronic laboratory server using conventional WWW browsers. The LBNL system focuses on intelligent man-machine interface for remote dynamic experiments where the Internet cannot guarantee real-time delivery of command and data to the remote site. ORNL has concentrated on automating as much of the microscope operation as possible on the local computer and then using low cost commercial software to remotely view and control the local computer. The beamline instruments are also currently being controlled remotely in a limited way with commercial software.

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