Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory

Distance Learning

Telepresence operation not only holds great promise for research activities, but also has the benefit of providing a unique opportunity to enhance learning at all levels of the academia. Members of this collaboratory, being recognized experts in the field, frequently lecture at neighboring institutions. Providing the ability for these individuals to interact with students on-line at instruments greatly enhances, and makes more efficient, the learning experience. This benefit, an on-line advisor, is just as important as making instruments available on-line to less well endowed institutions. A university level course is already utilizing an ORNL microscope as part of the classroom experience. Extending this concept down to the middle and high school levels, collaboratories ( /MSHSCollaboratory.html) can also be set up which allow younger students in those critical formative years to interact (on-line and live) with scientists using a visually impressive medium. The excitement gained by these students in exploring the microscopic worlds has a long term payoff which should not be underestimated.

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