Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory

Out-Year Expansion of the MMC

Additional materials science research efforts at the Advanced Light Source (LBNL), Advanced Photon Source (ANL), National Synchrotron Light Source (BNL), and High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) could be easily integrated, as out-year affiliate members, into the collaboratory once the appropriate tools are developed as the result of the MMC. Other potential expansions of this collaboratory include unique microcharacterization facilities at other DOE/EE and DOE/DP laboratories for which strong materials science research ties already exist (LASL, PNL, AMES Labs, BNL). Ongoing collaborative research in the area of metal/oxide interfaces with Electric Power Research Institute through the BES-supported Synthesis and Processing Centers of Excellence would also benefit from this collaborative effort. University-based extensions of the collaboratory will be encouraged initially with neighboring universities to each of the collaboratory members and then more remote locations. In addition to NIST, Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory-type on-line interactive efforts have also been discussed with other national organizations including the Department of Justice. Out-year affiliates, will be afforded all the technology which has been developed; however, they will not be eligible for access to the DOE2000 matching funds reserves and are expected to contribute technologically to the success of MMC using their own funding sources.

The details of becoming an out year affiliate of the MMC will be addressed at the end of our first year of operation.

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