Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory

Vision of the Future

The Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory focuses on the scientists as users in an interactive electronic laboratory. In it we are developing an electronic virtual environment equipped with state-of-the-art research capabilities, (consisting of both scientists as well as instrumentation) which revolves around a common theme of microcharacterization and materials research.

The key to the understanding the collaboratory and it's role in research is to remember that ultimately, it is not simply the presence of instrumentation which produces new science, rather new science results from the work of individual scientists who formulate and execute experiments designed and carried out using the tools which they have at their disposal. In the MMC, the Collaboratory is the tool which we will be developing.

By placing creative scientists having varying yet complementary expertise together in a new environment which is designed to allow convenient, rapid and dynamic interactions to flow unencumbered by the limits of time and distance, we expect to not only foster, but enhance, the ability of these individuals to conceive and execute scientific research important to both the country and the world.

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