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This page contains links to research reports, publications, presentations and related documentation which involves work done in conjunction with the Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory. A brief summary of the contents of each item is outlined below. Note: the items are listed in chronological order and are mixtures of Demonstrations, Publications and Science Sucess Stories.

Title Description
Secretary Pena Visits the MMC

June 11, 1997 during a portion of his visit to Argonne National Laboratory, Secretary Pena visited the MMC and accessed the TelePresence Microscopy Facilities.
ViewGraphs from MMC Review - 1997

Presentations by MMC P.I.'s.
Presented in Washington D.C. on May 27-28, 1997
Beam Broadening Effects in STEM/EDS Measurement of Radiation-Induced Segregation in High-Purity 304L Stainless Steel

Proceedings of Microscopy & Microanalysis-97, Cleveland Ohio, Aug. 11-15, 1997. Pub. Spring Verlag, Ed. Baily, Dimlich, Alexander, McCarthy:
Authors: J.T. Busby , T.R. Allen , E.A. Kenik, N.J. Zaluzec , and G.S. Was;
This document presents the Materials Science research results obtained using the Electron-Beam Characterization Facilities of DoE/BES which is part of the DoE2000 / MMC. It involves 3 remote locations, (ANL, ORNL, and the Univ. of Michigan) and employed the following tools: TelePresence Microscopy, Video Conferencing, and Electronic Notebooks. This WWW document is a copy of the presentation given at the Microscopy and Microanalysis 97 Meeting, in which the authors describes the optimum conditions for characterization by high spatial resolution microanalysis of segregation to grain boundaries in 304L Stainless Steel. The work makes use of the MMC tools, but does not report on any hardware and/or software development.
Interactive Collaboratories for Microscopy & Microanalysis

Multinational Conference on Electron Microscopy-97, Portoroz, Slovenia, Oct. 4-8, 1997, Pub. Journal of Computer Assisted Microscopy - in press
Authors: N.J. Zaluzec:
This is an invited plenary lecture at the Multinational Conference on Electron Microscopy and details the TelePresence Microscopy Project at ANL, recent results from the MMC will also be presented.
MMC Architecture Workshop

Presentations made during the MMC Architecture Workshop Oct, 20-21, 1997 in Oak Ridge, Tn.
MMC Receives $270K Grant

The DoE 2000 Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory is pleased to announce the receipt of a research support grant of approximately $270K in hardware and software from Sun Microsystems Computer Company and Graham Technology Solutions.
Distance Learning with Middle Schools

Middle Schools Participate in Distance Learning Project , Oct. 23, 1997, during the opening of the new Argonne Information Center two middle schools participate in a video teleconference and view live images from an electron microscope in the MMC. This was the first time multiple schools simultaneously accessed MMC facilities.
SC' 97 Conference

MMC Demonstrates Collaboratory at SC'97 Conference , Nov 17-21, 1997, during the opening of the SC'97: High Performance Networking and Computing Conference, MMC Sites conduct live experiments on electron-optical instrumentation at 5 Remote Sites around the country. This was the first time the Multi-Site Collaboratory Mode of the MMC is demonstrated to the public.
Vice President Gore
Visits MMC

MMC Demonstrates Collaboratory to Vice President Gore , Jan 21, 1998, at ORNL
Congress Visits the MMC

Congressional Expo , June 17-18, 1998, Washington D.C.
Video Tape of Public Television News Brief available on request
Secretary of Energy
Bill Richardson
Visits MMC

Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson visited the MMC on Sept. 25th, 1998 and participated in a Distance Learning Session at ANL with Middle and High School Students. Short Video Tape of session available on request
Distance Learning and the MMC

Invited Article which appears in TeleConference Magazine about Distance Learning and Middle Schools. Vol 17, Number 9, October 1998
Analytical Chemistry Features
DoE2000 and the MMC

Analytical Chemistry Features the DoE 2000 MMC in their November 98 issue. see Analytical Chemistry News & Features November 1, 1998; pp. 729 A-732 A Copyright 1998 American Chemical Society
Characterization of Semiconductors

Sematech Project at NCSU employs TelePresence to characterize Dielectric Interfaces
April , 1999
TelePresence Aids South Pole Doctor

Using the expertise gained in developing TelePresence Microscopy, DoE Scientists help aid Doctor at the South Pole
July , 1999
TI Donates Microscope to Collaboratory Member

Texas Instruments Donates a 200 kV electron microscope to further research in NanoTechnology and TelePresence
August , 1999
HARECXS used in Fusion Research

HARECXS was used in conjunction with TPM to study the chemical disordering of candidate materials for Fusion Devices with researchers from Kyushu University.
Jan, 2000
TPM featured in R&D Magazine

TelePresence Microscopy Building R&D Collaboration Technologies
Researchers at Argonne National Lab are creating the Web-based interfaces that will eventually allow researchers to seamlessly monitor and control remote analytical instruments anywhere. R&D Magazine April, 2000
TPM/AAEM used to study NanoMagnetism

Using the ANL TPM/AAEM system collaborators from around the world investigate nanomagnetism.
May, 2000

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