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These Electronic Notebooks will be used to test various ideas, and concepts being refined within the M2C. In addition, they are intended to be a forum, where the public can observe and/or comment on developments in the Collaboratory.

Members of the Scientific Community are welcome to test out the functionality and/or comment on any items in these Notebooks.

To enter a notebook, simply click on its image. You will then be connected to the last entry/page in the chozen Notebook. You can then employ the navigation buttons at the top of the page to go to other pages (Prev, Next), add a page of commentary (Add), obtain a Table of Contents (Contents) or perform a key word search (Search) of the Notebook.

Warning: these are experimental Notebooks and options may change without notice. --Nestor--

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These notebooks are based on the Perl Code developed by Noel Nachtigal and Al Geist at ORNL. These versions are currently being modified by Nestor J. Zaluzec at ANL to fit the needs of the MMC.