Welcome to the ANL AAEM TPM Collaboratory

This TelePresence Server is one of the of remote collaboration tools which is enabled by means of the ANLEMC TPM Server. This system is being developed to enable a TelePresence Observation Mode in Scientific Research Environments.

Each of the TelePresence Server Windows is organized as a module which is linked into a thin client Web-Enabled page. They can be accessed by selecting the appropriate button at the left hand side of your screen. The functionality of these buttons will change during the course of the TPM Project.

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  • Your MONITOR should at least 1280x1024 pixels @ 16 bit color
  • Your CPU should be at least a Pentium IV or PowerPC @ 800+ Mhz
  • Your Operating System should be MS Windows 2000, Mac OSXor RH Linux
  • Your Network should be at least a T1 ~1.5 Mb/s or better
  • You should have Java 1.3x installed on your System
  • The recommended Brower is FireFox 3.x or later

Notice as of June 2016: Due to updated DoE Security Concerns Live Streaming Data Feeds from the ANL TPM site can only be received when connecting using
ANL's VPN service.
If you see only "black" data feed screens then your access has been blocked by ANL's firewall

Your Computer and WWW Browser is being tested for compatibility see the table below for details

Email:   Nestor J. Zaluzec
WWW:  TelePresence Collaboratory at ANL